About Us

MedfusionRx, LLC was founded in 2003 in Birmingham, Alabama.

Since 2003, MedfusionRx has expanded services into all 50 states with branches in Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Louisiana, Mississippi, West Virginia, Texas and Kansas.

MedfusionRx has been accredited by the:
  • Accreditation Commission for Healthcare since 2005
  • Better Business Bureau since 2006

The vision of MedfusionRx has always been to provide quality pharmacy services to patients while maintaining the personal touch, something commonly lost in large network pharmacies that manage patient care through automated voice messaging. MedfusionRx provides a unique network of experienced and trained staff to assist patients and help them achieve the most positive outcomes related to their disease and prescribed treatment.

Unique services offered by MedfusionRx include:
  • Dedicated staff associated with each disease state
  • Patient Assistance Coordinator to assist patient with financial assistance, co-pay assistance
  • Delivery of medication to patient within 24 hours of insurance approval
  • In-Home Patient Training coordinated to accommodate patient schedule
  • Personalized Refill Reminder by pharmacy staff
  • Monthly patient monitoring for persistency and adherence to treatment and medication related problems

"I was so impressed by the program, professional, caring and speed. I cannot thank MedfusionRx enough!" Linda W.

Mission and Goals of MedfusionRx

Our Mission: To provide patients with high quality specialized pharmacy services. To distinguish ourselves through the provision of exceptional customer services and programs.

Our Goal: To ensure the safe and effective use of all specialized medications and to improve the quality of life of our patients and promote independence through the use of specialized medications.